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Javelin browser

Javelin Browser for Android adds new true multitasking capabilities

Javelin is a web browser currently only available for Android  which in its latest update to version 3.0 has added an interesting new feature called Javelin Stack. For those who aren't familiar with the browser, Javelin is an all-in-one true multitasking browser, Some of the features it includes are:Build in Ad-Block True multitasking capabilities Built in proxy…

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Overclocking your Android device: A Beginners Guide

Mobile devices, especially those within the Android ecosystem, have reached unprecedented levels of performance with their multi-core processors and gigabytes of RAM. However, for various reasons, you may want to increase the performance of your device. Manufacturer customizations, heavy multitasking, and other things can slow down the device and adversely affect day-to-day performance. If you…

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