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Is Google going to completely ditch the Navigation Drawer menu on Android?

In the recent Google Plus app update, Google has removed the Slide out navigation menu (also known as the Navigation drawer). This feature is on both iOS and Android a much used one by developers and allows users to easily access a menu, it is also something Google has been using in its own apps (like Youtube, Play Store, Gmail etc.) for quiet some time now so it was a huge surprise to see them drop this feature.

After taking a closer look at the leaked Gmail app redesign pictures it looks like Google might also drop this feature in Gmail, possibly looking to drop it in all of its apps and replacing it by a new gesture.

These changes in navigation seem to be just the beginning of a number of changes Google will start making to its apps to focus more on multitasking and allowing users to easily switch between one app and the other one. What do you think will be the next Horizontal navigation menu gesture? Let us know!