Krypton might be the best free private browser for Android

Private browsers are rather popular and there is a wide variety of them. While some of you might just use the private mode built into Chrome it always feels a little safer when using a separate browser for the more explicit searches. With many different browsers available (some of them, which don’t even work properly) finding a good private browser for Android isn’t an easy task, but we are here to help.


Meet Krypton, easily the best free private browser for Android. I can’t really decide if it is the awesome material design or the fact that it uses Tor to keep you anonymous, Krypton is a must have app. Here are some of its main features:

  • Each tab is isolated in a separate OS process. Every tab is treated as a distinct instance, with it’s own memory storage and state.
  •  Uses Tor to hide your IP (this is optional)
  • The app is open source
  • Material Design

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