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OGWhatsApp APK Download – How to Get Multiple WhatsApp Accounts and Use 2 Phone Numbers With GB WhatsApp

Are you annoyed by the WhatsApp restrictions while using a Dual-SIM Android Smartphone? Solve this problem with the GB WhatsApp download of OGWhatsApp (2022), allowing users to use multiple Whatsapp accounts with two phone numbers on one single Android smartphone with WhatsApp. This modified Android app resolves the issue with the official WhatsApp app downloaded…

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Android Lollipop Xposed

Download and Install Xposed Android 5.1.1 (Official Xposed Alpha)

This article explains how to Download and Install Xposed Android 5.1.1X. Xposed Framework has gained immense popularity since its initial launch. With its ability to modify the core functionality of Android devices, Xposed has become a favorite among Android enthusiasts and power users. Although Xposed was initially released for Android 5.0 Lollipop, unofficial ports started…

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Rooting android

Android crypto key vulnerability affecting 86% of all devices Fixed

A Crypto Key vulnerability that was affecting all Android 4.3 or lower devices (more then 86% of all Android devices) allowed hackers to acquire confidential information stored on your device. The vulnerability which was discovered by a security research team of IBM states that the vulnerability can be exploited using the android KeyStore (secured storage within the…

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