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Javelin Browser for Android adds new true multitasking capabilities

Javelin is a web browser currently only available for Android  which in its latest update to version 3.0 has added an interesting new feature called Javelin Stack. For those who aren’t familiar with the browser, Javelin is an all-in-one true multitasking browser, Some of the features it includes are:

  • Build in Ad-Block
  • True multitasking capabilities
  • Built in proxy service
  • Incognito mode
  • Includes Reading mode

and more, specially after the recent update the list has gotten a lot longer but one of the most awesome new features like mentioned before is Javelin Stack, this feature allows you to click open a link in an App, lets say facebook and browse this link from within the app using the Javelin browser (which means you still have adblock, your bookmarks etc.) instead of being redirected to your web browser app or opening the browser that comes within the app.

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Why is this cool? You don’t have to leave the app if you open a link, it is faster, you don’t have to use the crappy browser that comes with the app (i am looking at you, Twitter) and you can keep using the app while the page loads.

Javelin stack


You can check out Javelin for your self on the Google Play store here