New Skype APK adds multitasking capabilities

Microsoft has just updated Skype for Android to Skype adding a much requested feature, improved the overall app speed and adding new supported text formats. One of the biggest new features in the recent update is the fact that you can now make a video-call while using any app on your device.

Previously, you couldn’t make a video call while using any other app then Skype, now a small window will be shown at the bottom right of your screen allowing you to continue a video call. While the feature has been available on tablets for over a year now, it has finally been brought to mobile devices too.

Download Skype APK

The new version can be downloaded over the air or installed manually, if you wish to install it manually you can download the Skype APK keep in mind that it requires your device to have Android 4.0 or above. MD5 hash:  511f3387f1ba488cf8e7a4e8b74989ed

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