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New Nokia X Software update to improve Multitasking and Nokia Store

The Nokia X line up of devices which run a customized version of Android are getting a software update Microsoft has confirmed in a blog post. With the recent announcement regarding Microsoft discontinuing the X line up of devices, this might be very well one of the last Nokia X Software update.

The update will fix bugs and improve the overall performance of the operation system but we will see 3 mayor changes:

  • New pre-installed services from Microsoft: If you purchase a new Nokia X you will see a handful of new pre-installed Microsoft services like the new Outlook app. It will also be easier to keep all of your documents and files synced if you use OneDrive with the OneDrive app
  • New Multi-tasking: A new feature called “App Switcher” will allow you to “smoothly go from one app to the other”. This feature also gives you the ability to force-close an app similar to how it currently already works on iOS and Android
  • Improved Nokia Store: The Nokia Store which allows you to purchase apps and and games onto your device has gone through some changes. Microsoft has partnered up with different app stores to offer all the apps from different stores in one store.

The update will arrive on the Nokia X, Nokia X+, and Nokia XL. It is currently already rolling out and should become available to you shortly, you can also update it manually by navigating to Settings > About Phone > System Updates