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New features and Changes of Android L

Google has just introduced its new version of Android called Android L. The new OS brings a lot of changes in comparison to its predecessor, Android Kit Kat. Here is a list of several of the new features that will become available in Android L:

  • Redesigned Android buttons (triangle, circle and square) redesigned buttons android l
  • New animations
  • 3D views with realtime shadows
  • Brighter colors
  • New notifications 
  • New feature called “Heads Up” which allows you to interact with a notification when you get it
  • New feature called “personal unlocking”
  • Redesigned icons (read more about it here)
  • Redesigned keyboard
  • New dialer app
  • Android now uses ART instead of Dalvik
  • Android is now 64-bit
  • Project Volta: a new project that will make sure Android L will improve your battery life
  • Improved AV sync
  • document centric multi tasking
  • improved text rendering
  • burst camera mode
  • Battery safer mode
  • New privacy settings
  • Factory reset protection

Android L will be available for developers later today. Here are the 4 principles of Google’s new operation system

Thanks to The Verge for the images!