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Is your device stuck at iOS 8 Update Requested? Here is how to fix it

Yesterday Apple finally launched its new version of iOS called iOS 8. Many users were having issues with update their software OTA as it required approximately 4GB of free space while the actual update only required 1.9GB but as of today (almost 24 hours after launch) users are still experiencing issues with a small message that says “Update Requested”?

What is iOS 8 Update Requested?

update requested

It appears that Apple has integrated a new sort of queuing system. If millions of iOS devices try to update at the same time this could cause some huge server issues that would affect all of us like slow download speeds and errors while downloading, a new way to handle the surge in traffic this new queuing system. If you press “Download and Install” it will put you in a queue and once it is available the download will start automatically.

My download is stuck at Update Requested, how can i fix this?

There are several ways you can fix this issue. One of them is doing a hard reset of your device, this can be done by holding the home button and power button at the same time until the device turns off and back on again, this will stop the iOS 8 download.

Another possible solution is by updating your device via iTunes, this will also only require 1.9GB of free space and not 4GB (a great solution for those who have little space on their iPhone and don’t want to delete photos). For those who are still looking at removing the U2 album, here is how to