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iOS 8 full list of changes and images of UI tweaks

Apple has just announced iOS 8, its new version of iOS. Lets take a look at the full list of changes coming to iOS:

  • iOS 8 now syncs in real time with your Mac and other iOS devices
  • Interactive Notifications: You can now interact with notifications right from the notification (from messages, to liking a facebook post)
  • Quick Access People: Use multi tasking to see people you have recently contacted with
  • New Mail Gestures
  • Add events from Calendar within Mail
  • Spotlight now allows you to search for Apps in the app store, locations, Wikipedia entries, news, restaurants, songs, movies, content available for streaming and more
  • New Keyboard with QuickType, showing you suggestions for the next word you might want to type 
  • Now accepts calls on your iOS 8 for iPad
  • Improvement to Group messaging: Allowing you to name threads, add or remove users, Do not Disturb and Leave a thread.
  • Improved “Share my Location”
  • Make Audio and Video notes on iMessage
  • iCloud Drive 
  • Added passcode protection to third party apps
  • New Health app allows you to monitor all of your health information right from 1 app
  • iOS 8 incorporates Family Sharing 
  • Improved Photo Stream using the Power of iCloud
  • Spotlight incorporated into the Photo app Allowing you to search by name, location, date of picture taken and albums
  • Improved Photo Editing controls
  • DuckDuckgo support in Safari
  • New Dictation languages
  • Improved Siri
  • Camera timer added to Camera app
  • Night mode in iBooks
  • Siri integrates Shazam
  • Improved Maps in China

iOS 8 will become available this Fall and run on the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5th generation, iPad 2, iPad with Retina Display, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad Mini with retina display.

Update 1: Shout out to Joel from N1Clothing for providing some of the team members with Beta Access.