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Why you shouldn’t enable iCloud Drive on iOS 8 just yet

Apple is going to launch iOS 8 today at 1 PM EST. The new software update will introduce many new features and among them is iCloud Drive, the service which got introduced several months back will make synchronizing information between your iOS app and Mac version of the app much easier, you will also be able to directly navigate through files uploaded to iCloud Drive from Finder on your Mac (it can be considered a service similar to Dropbox or Google Drive)

Should i enable iCloud Drive once i have iOS 8 installed?

iCloud Drive iOS 8

It is very important that you don’t enable iCloud Drive once iOS 8 is installed unless you have Mac OSX Yosemite installed. Once iCloud Drive is enabled you won’t be able to synchronize apps normally to iCloud which makes it hard for Mac and iOS apps to sync together, this however isn’t an issue if you have Mac OSX Yosemite installed

For those using a Windows computer, we also don’t recommend enabling this feature and wait for the iCloud app for Windows to get updated and add support for iCloud Drive. Currently in the iOS 8 beta Apple asks if you want iCloud Drive to be enabled during the setup process, make sure that you are very careful and choose the right option.

When should i activate iCloud Drive then? Once you have installed both iOS 8 and Mac OSX Yosemite. For those using Windows, we recommend you wait until the Windows app gets update and adds support for iCloud Drive.