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5 Wallpapers that will look great on iOS 8

Maybe you are like me and love changing your wallpaper around every so often or just feel like you really need a new wallpaper so you can show off all the awesome new features that are available in iOS 8, either way, you are going to need a wallpaper, right? Here are 5 amazing wallpapers that are worth checking out: (A download link for each wallpaper can be found next to the name)

 1. Landscape (Download)

An absolutely beautiful wallpaper featuring the colors blue, orange and yellow (This wallpapers looks specially good on White iPhone’s!)

2. Colorful (Download)

A happy and colorful iOS 8 wallpaper with a WWDC-like theme

3. Blur (Download)

Blrrr is a great website where you can find iOS 8 like wallpapers, featuring a combination of colors and fading them in all possible ways, something that looks great with Apple’s flat UI design.

4. Nexus (Download)

A Colorful and busy iOS wallpaper, originally designed for the Nexus smartphone but looks even better on the iPhone!

Nexus wallpaper iOS 8

5. Olympic (Download)

A redesign of the original Olympic poster designed in 1972. Everything from the angularity to the co-joining color frames seems to aptly elicit the overall feel of iOS 8.

ios 8 wallpaper