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Making Your Event Secure - 2

Making Your Event Secure

Tips for ensuring your event attendees’ safety and securityWhatever you’re into, whether that be music, literature or rolling around in the mud, these days you’re sure to find an event or festival to match.Along with the more established events, more and more people have started organising their own, some of which have become hugely popular…

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The Link Between Gaming And Stress - 9

The Link Between Gaming And Stress

Gaming has become something of a controversial topic, and even though most opinions shun the passed time by pointing out various negative aspects, countless parents have done their part to prevent their children from being exposed to the speculated impacts. However, despite the majority of non-players advocating bans on gaming, research and several studies actually…

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How Are FPGAs Configured? - 11

How Are FPGAs Configured?

A very unique piece of electronic equipment that was made decades ago is called a field programmable gate array. It is a device, specifically an integrated circuit, that you can configure using software. The advent of FPGAs changed the landscape of how we all utilize electronic equipment today. For those that have used FPGA development…

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