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What Is The Best Recliner 2019?

When you think of comfort you think of recliners. After a long day, you would want to sit back and relax.  You might say you can relax on your regular sofa, but this would still give you the feeling of sitting in a kind of chair. A recliner is different in the sense that you are seated but you are laid back and your legs are raised. This is what it means to be relaxed and lounging. Recliners are easy to operate as all you need is the pull of a lever by the side of the chair to release the footrest or recline the back of the chair, the press of a button to perform the same function. The use of a lever or button will depend on the make of your recliner.

The best recliner would be the one that provides your body with excellent lumbar and neck support. This is the reason it is a popular piece of furniture for people with neck pain, spinal conditions, or general body pains. This chair isn’t stationary in all cases, it can perform the function of massaging, rocking, swivel, lifting, this is why it is sometimes referred to as the best piece of furniture in the house. It is good to know that recliners come in different sizes, so it is not a one size fits all chair. A recliner that doesn’t suit your size or individual need would only end up being an uncomfortable piece of furniture.

The most popular brands when it comes to recliners are La-Z Boy and Barcalounger. Other brands are Ashley, Basset, and Lane. Most households have recliners made by the first two brands. Even if instances when their recliner is made from the other three brands, they call their recliner by the popular brand names. Brands like La-Z Boy have been in the residential furniture-making industry for years. This American home-based company is known for quality furniture with its signature piece being the recliner, although they have expanded to other types of furniture presently.

There are different types of recliners and the best would be what suits your needs. Starting with your body. You would need a recliner that fits your size. You wouldn’t want something too small which would make it a tight fit. a recliner that is short in length, would have your legs hanging over the footrest. One which does not fit your décor would look totally out of place in your living room. There is also your budget. Recliners come at different prices and it would be smart to purchase one within your budget. Remember there are other brand makers of recliners if the popular brands are out of your price range.

Let’s begin with the Massage recliner. Some massage recliners come equipped with a heating function, but they are mostly designed to massage the back of your legs and your back when you recline on them. This type of recliner might be more expensive than others because they have the added function of also lifting you when you sit on them. They are generally very comfortable to relax on.

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Another type is the Rock recliner. This should be on the ‘must-have piece of furniture list’ for anyone who has a hard time falling asleep. This recliner just as the name implies is designed to rock. This in addition to your body being in a laid-back position will surely induce sleep. This would also be good if you have a baby. Just remember you might also fall asleep because both you and the baby would be rocked to sleep. Though when it comes to nursing a baby, it is a great chair to use as you are comfortable while your baby-nurses.

There are also recliners called Lift Chair. This is a favourite for people who have issues with their knees like arthritis. It makes it easy for them to get up when they sit as there is a lever that pushes the base of the chair up so you can comfortably get up without placing much pressure on your knees.

The best choice for every individual would depend on different needs. If you are tall, say 6 feet you would not be comfortable in a recliner designed for someone much shorter say, 5 feet 5 inches. Your legs would hang over the footrest, your back would not be properly positioned, and this could lead to back problems. There is also the issue of your size. Depending on your weight, you would not want s recliner which dips in the middle because of how big you are. This would lead to back problems. There are recliners that measure 40x44x48 inches and can accommodate weight up to 500lbs and so for tall persons.

There is also the functions that recliners come with. They are also designed to suit your needs. There are rockers. This is the best for people who suffer from sleep problems like insomnia. This recliner rocking motion will definitely help in putting you to sleep easier or if you have a baby, the rocking motion will help you put them to sleep faster plus the added advantage of your back being reclined for your baby to rest comfortably on your chest or your shoulder.

The massage recliner might just be a personal favourite. After a long stressful day, you get to sit in this recliner and get a good massage for your back and your legs. If you have been on your feet all day, this would come as a great relief for you.

Choose the recliner which is designed to suit your personal needs while keeping in mind your budget. The beautiful thing is there are different options available and different brands which make it easy for you to find just what you need. Taste, size, price, are all taken into consideration and you will find the best recliner for yourself from all the options out there.