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Why Has Tik Tok Become So Successful In 2020

TikTok has become one of the fastest-growing apps on the market, an app in which you can create and share small movies that normally include various types of music in the background. At the time of writing this, it is top 5 in virtually all of the countries in the world App Store ratings and one that virtually everyone seems to be on the craze at the moment.

The app has become so popular due to its youthful response to many wanting to become content creators in a world of influencers and TikTok enables this to happen through its ease-of-use for many who wouldn’t normally have the ability to make a short movie on their own. TikTok provides its users with the right instruments like filters, music, management of video pacer, and basic audio adjustments. It has a very similar feel to what Instagram did with photos, but on a better demographic and more in-depth for users.

TikTok has been the only success of 2020 with many other online services benefitting from the craze of 2020 technology, in fact, because of the lock downed months, many have found themselves on online services more often than not due to many having more time on their hands. Here at Maximum Casinos, they have also benefitted from this due to many finding alternative ways to entertain themselves during the lockdown and therefore trying new avenues of entertainment to keep themselves busy.

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TikTok have been clever with who they have been targeting also as many have seen them go for the “tween” market. This is due to the fact that the younger generation is more likely to be on their phones and therefore the likelihood for success is greater. They have followed similar success patterns such as Facebook who when released targeted just college-only students and Snapchat who targeted the “tween” market also and benefitted from the selfie market.

There was an app called Vine as the beginning of the decade which has a lot of overnight success and was very similar to TikTok in the way of being able to create videos. However, on Vine, it limited you to only making 6-second snaps which initially was all well and good and generated a lot of money, however it limited the success of what the users could receive. TikTok isn’t that at all, the opportunities are endless, videos can be as creative or as simple as you want, and the chances of going ‘viral’ are much more likely due to content being reeled out and refreshed multiple times.

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