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If you don’t know how to improve your results during exercise, read this.

So you are an athlete. You want to be the best, and you train a lot to get it but you can’t find the key to be better than the rest. Maybe you are just thinking about the training and forgot about recovering and healing after that. You need a new answer to this. We are talking about Cryotherapy, the new method of recovering yourself after training. It has been adapted and improved in order to achieve the optimum benefits of all its features with no possibility of harming ourselves.

It consists in exposing your body to really low temperatures, almost freezing actually, in small periods of time. This makes it really interesting because there has been a lot of results that make it really healthy for the body but also some examples of people committing mistakes and losing control of it. These mistakes are really uncommon because of the nature of the procedure.

Cryotherapy is being used at professional levels, but now it is really common and more affordable than you think. Since the development of this technique in the ’70s, when we started using nitrogen to cool our skin without freezing our subcutaneous parts, we have started using it to treat pain and musculoskeletal disorders. It proves that there is a body improvement after the use of their nitrogen chambers or cryosaunas.

These saunas are easy to use. The user has to sit in a sauna that reaches low temperatures, then the muscle is helped to recover faster and stronger because of the cold. It is being used in most the famous clubs around the world because of its proven results. These machines are really accurate, it graduates temperature perfectly so your body doesn’t suffer. Actually, this graduation stimulates blood circulation to reduced inflammation.

If you don't know how to improve your results during exercise, read this. - 1

It is also more comfortable, helps your body to in differents ways that ice baths can’t and by the time you are getting out of the machine you can start exercising again because its time of recovering is really faster. The recovering is faster in periods where you need to expose your body to high physical efforts like tournaments or preseasons. The injuries are also healed faster because of the reduction of inflammations caused by traumatisms and overexertion. This helps the muscular regeneration and reduces pain. It has been discovered that it is not just a physical thing but also helps mental balance thanks to the release of endorphins, the hormones that turn you happy and relaxed.

So you are interested? Do you know…

So now that you are looking towards this method, you need to know where to find them. cryosense is a brand that designs, build, and export these saunas. They are specialists, focused on looking for the best products for the best athletes in the world. In Spain, Real Madrid has too a cryosauna where its players recover themselves after a training or a football match. American pro-teams use cryotherapy to recover their athletes. NBA or NFL teams are using them after every training.

It’s been a boom in the sports world. Every athlete wants to have one of these saunas in their own house or personal gym. Other athletes that bought these saunas are Floyd Mayweather or Lebron James, that know better this techniques because of their common use in the United States. Every one of these pro-athletes is in the top of their career, they don’t pick random material to work with. It is hard to think of a better guarantee to convince you.