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Nexus 8 specs leaked, will feature Qualcomm 64-bit processor

Rumor: Specs of the upcoming Nexus 8 have leaked, according to the leak the device will run a 64-bit version of the upcoming Android 4.5 and either a Snapdragon 808 or Snapdragon 810 CPU which are currently the only 2 high end SoC from Snapdragon that will have 64-bit architecture (they will become commercially available in 2015). The device comes with 3GB of RAM and will run on Android 4.5.

The new 8 Inch tablet from Google codename “Flounder” is rumored to be built by HTC, a company that doesn’t have the best track record of keeping secrets, the leaked images bellow show (according to G4Games) what appears to be a Nexus 8 tablet inside a protective case 

These however are still rumors and the “Exclusive Leak” stamp makes the leaked images look suspicious, also the timing of the rumor is off as the new snapdragon CPU’s won’t become commercially available until 2015, which means the device should release sometime 2016, which is not the case. Real or Fake? Let us know your opinion!