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HTC already working on new HTC Re 2 action Camera

HTC wants to take over the action camera market and is already working on a HTC Re 2 camera just months after launching the first HTC Re. According to Taiwanese news  president of HTC North Asia, Jack Tong leaked the news and confirms we can expect a second HTC Re action camera in 2015.

HTC Re 2 Camera

The current Re camera has a 16 MP sensor with full HD video recording capabilities, a 146 degree wide-angle lens, as well as slow motion and time lapse functions, the new HTC Re 2 will most likely feature an improved camera sensor, be able to capture at a higher resolution while maintaining the wide lens angle. It is yet unknown if the new device will keep its “tube-like” design or if HTC will go for a more traditional look.

While they have started working on a sequel it is not yet sure if it will hit the shelves as it will depend a lot on the success of the first Re camera which will launch December 3rd in Taiwan. HTC will launch the sequel if more then 5% of all 8 million Taiwanese users will purchase one, this is a very low threshold and Jack Tong (president of HTC North Asia) has all the confidence that they will make the threshold.