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How to Play Youtube Videos with screen off on Android

You might have noticed that there is currently no way of playing a Youtube video if you lock the screen on Android, but if you just want to listen to a song and safe some battery it might be a handy thing to be able to do. A XDA Developer has modified the Youtube 4.4.11 app and added this as a feature, allowing you to listen to just audio when having the screen off on android. Here is how to:

black youtube

How to Play Youtube Videos with screen off on Android

  1. First, you will need to delete your old Youtube app
  2. This can be done by removing: /system/app/YouTube.apk 
  3. If youtube is still in the app drawer, make sure to  “Remove installed updates” and then “Force stop”.
  4. Once done, you can download the modified Youtube app here (you can download a dark themed version here)
  5. Run the .apk file and install the app

You can edit the advanced settings of the app by pressing your phone’s home button and tapping on “Advanced Settings”