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New iTV concept images show curved screen and iOS 7 like interface

It has been rumored for over a year now that Apple has been working on a iTV. We have talked about Apple’s iTV many times here on AmongTech and we suggest you check out some of the articles. All though we have heard many rumors not all too many concept images of how the iTV could look like have been released.

Martin Hajek (which has previously made concept images of the iTV and several other devices among those the Apple Smartwatches) has made a new concept design for a possible curved iTV. The design features a look similar to the iMac with a small bezel on the sides, the screen is thin and has a horizontal curve. The iTV in the concept images features a 46″ display while the actual iTV is rumored to feature a 48″ or 55″ display.

Also something very interesting about these concept images are the iOS 7 like UI that the iTV has created by Andrew Ambrosino , Apple has recently released a new version of its mobile OS called iOS 7 which features a new flat design, as of now there aren’t many Apple products that feature something similar (Mac OSX Mavericks and the Apple TV UI) but we expect these to get update in 2014 also featuring a redesign. We have put all the images in a gallery, make sure to click 1 to launch it: