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10 Must have Mac Menu Bar apps and tweaks

If you own a Mac you might have noticed the top menu bar showing the time, wifi connection, bluetooth, battery status, spotlight icon and many more but did you know you could manually add apps to the Menu bar? There are a wide variety of tweaks and apps available for the Mac Menu Bar lets take a look at 10 must-have ones

10 Apps, utilities and tweaks for your Mac Menu Bar

  1. Twitter: Being one of the most used social networks of this 21 century it is important to be able to easily access your Twitter feed.  Download it heretwitter mac menu bar
  2. ClipMenu: This little extension will add a clipmenu to your menu bar at the top that allows you to can manage your clipboard history. You can record 8 clipboard types, from plain text to image. Download it here 
  3. DropBox: Gives you easy access to your DropBox Account. You can Download the DropBox app for Mac here
  4. Weather HD: Does exactly what you expect. This extension shows the weather with really nice HD graphics. Download it here
  5. DoublePan: Easy window managment extension. Download it here
  6. GNotifier:  A Gmail and Google account notification system for multiple accounts. You can download it here
  7. Timing: Spending too much time on your Mac? Timing keeps track of how long you have been using your Mac exactly, it even tells you what websites you are spending most time on etc. You can download it here
  8. Sophos Anti-Virus: Adding that little extra security feature. You can download it here
  9. FreeMemory: This extension will automatically clean up any unused RAM on your system. Download it here 
  10. MenuPrefs: Easily access all your System Preferences from your menu bar. Download it here