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Cyanogenmod 12 Changelog and full list of confirmed devices

Cyanogen has just released Cyanogenmod 12 Nightlies to show off their progress made so far with CM12 before they officially release the update. With the announcement we also got a full list of confirmed devices CM12 will be released on, which confirm previous rumors of Cyanogenmod 12 not releasing on old devices

Cyanogenmod 12 changelog

Of course one of the biggest changes is the fact that Cyanogenmod 12 is based on Android 5.0.1 Lollipop (check out the full Android 5.0.1 changelog). Some of the features mentioned bellow aren’t implemented in this Nightlies but will be added before the official release of CM12:

  • Theme Engine
  • Quick Settings reorganization and customization
  • Quick Settings Ribbon mode
  • Navigation bar reorganization and customization
  • Sound panel customization
  • Lock-screen quick unlock
  • Ambient display
  • brand new Messaging app
  • small tweaks including a weather option
  • extended status bar

You can check out a more in-depth changelog here.

Cyanogenmod 12 Confirmed Devices

  1. OnePlus One
  2. LG G2
  3. Moto X
  4. HTC DLX
  5. LG Optimus G E975
  6. LG Optimus G E980
  7. HTC One
  8. Oppo Find 5
  9. Spice Flo
  10. HTC Evo 4G
  11. Galaxy Note 3
  12. Galaxy S4
  13. Galaxy S5
  14. HTC M7
  15. HTC M7 Sprint
  16. HTC M7 Verizon
  17. HTC M8
  18. Nexus 4
  19. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro
  20. Motorola Droid RAZR
  21. THL T6
  22. THL T6 Sprint
  23. THL T6 Verizon
  24. Galaxy S4 Mini
  25. Nexus 6
  26. Nexus 5
  27. LG V500
  28. HTC Ville
  29. LG G3

If your device is not on the list, don’t worry more devices will be added when the official release of Cyanogenmod 12 gets closer. As of now there are 31 confirmed devices.