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Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions to Boost Your Productivity

There are many browser options available, yet Google Chrome is still a lot of people’s favorite browser. One of the things that makes this browser special is its wide array of extensions. They serve various purposes, including enhancing your productivity. Here we’ve curated 10 best Google Chrome extensions you can install to help you maximize productivity at work.


Among a lot of to-do list apps, Todoist is one of the most popular—and that’s for a reason. This extension has a simple and clean interface that lets you create a to-do list easily. Todoist also allows you to do many other things, like color-coding and setting deadlines for each task. This way, you won’t skip your responsibilities ever again.

One of the most distinctive features of Todoist is the ability to label anything you find on the web as a task. You might come across an article you want to read or a recipe to try—just put them into your Todoist list and finish them later. It’s also possible to share your tasks with other Todoist users. You can take advantage of this feature to work on your team projects.


Sometimes, even a simple glimpse of work-related stuff can grind your gears and stress you out. Everything you see on the laptop just feels overwhelming. In those moments, our brains crave something calming. Momentum offers you exactly that: quick access to a calming view, right on your browser.

This extension greets you according to the time of the day and shows a scenic image of nature that changes every day. It also gives you a different inspirational quote each day to boost your motivation. To keep you productive, Momentum puts the clock at the center and lets you add your to-do list there. So, stay calm and on track with the help of this extension.

Win the Day

Level up your productivity game with this extension. Whether you’re a student, worker, entrepreneur, or someone who wants to improve your life, Win the Day will help you to win the day. The extension packs a few important tools into one, ready to assist you in your everyday grind.

First, you can use it to achieve your goals by setting the period and daily target. It allows you to see your progress as you work towards your daily goal. Second, use it as a habit tracker. You can input three habits you want to build and check them off in the extension. Third, it’s useful as a distraction blocker, allowing you to enter your focus mode by temporarily blocking distracting websites.


We can’t deny the fact that ambience matters. Not only how your surroundings feel, but also how it sounds. Background noises in the workplace (or home if you work remotely) can be quite distracting sometimes. Noisli is here to help you with this very issue.

This extension provides you with various calming background noise, such as the sound of rain, storm, crickets, fire crackling, and many others. It has sound combinations you can choose from for different purposes. Noisli is free to use, but the extension offers Pro and Business packages if you want to access more features. Premium users can make use of shuffle and oscillating features, as well as unlimited streaming.


Writing is a huge part of a lot of jobs, and in the modern world, we do it digitally. We produce emails, proposals, and other types of documents with our computers every day, all of which must be well-written. So, you can get the assistance of Grammarly to ensure high-quality writing every time.

It’s practical to add this extension to your Chrome browser. Once installed, Grammarly will always be there to detect mistakes in your writing. It also suggests alternative words or phrases to make your text better. Grammarly saves your time on proofreading by making the process quick and easy. This excellent service is available not only as a Google Chrome extension, but also as an app on your mobile phone.


If you’re a productivity enthusiast, you probably have heard about the Pomodoro technique. It’s a time management method that divides your work into chunks, with short and long breaks in between. The name ‘Pomodoro’ means tomato in Italian, referring to the tomato-shaped kitchen timer as the inspiration for this technique. Don’t bother to get a kitchen timer to stay productive; this Marinara extension will help you just fine.

By installing Marinara, you will have quick access to a Pomodoro timer on your browser. This tool will help you focus for a short period of 25 minutes and reward you with a 5-minute short break after each one. As an example, after 4 Pomodoro sessions, you can take an extended break for 30 minutes. Marinara makes it easy to follow this technique and encourages you even more by showing your progress stats.

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Draw on Page

It’s easy to highlight and mark things when you read printed materials. Now, you can bring the same convenience with the Draw on Page browser extension. Draw on Page allows you to scribble on any webpage you access. Simply click on the icon after you install it, then the toolbar is ready for you to use.

Draw on Page has two modes: drawing and brushing. Drawing mode is used when you want to add shapes to your desired page. Brushing mode is more for drawing with your mouse or pen on a touchscreen laptop. When you’re done, you can print the result by clicking on the print button. You can also save your work as a picture on your computer.

The Great Suspender

There are times when we open too many tabs at once—even if we don’t use all of them. This tends to happen when we’re exploring a topic to research or simply because your work requires you to do so. Do you know that these opened tabs eat up a big portion of your RAM, hence slowing your computer down? Prevent that from happening with the help of The Great Suspender.

Basically, this extension scans all your tabs and suspends the inactive ones. It determines them by looking at how long you haven’t used the tab. The Great Suspender is worth installing since Google Chrome is known for its large RAM usage. This way, you can help your device to run smoother than ever.

Clean Master

There can be a few reasons why your laptop runs slow, and one of them might be an uncleared browser cache. The cache is collected when your browser downloads the data needed to load a website. It might not get your attention, especially when you’re overwhelmed with work. That’s why you need to add Clean Master to your Google Chrome.

With just one click, this extension will help you clear every existing cache on your browser. This way, the browser will re-download all the data when you revisit a website. Even though cleaning cache might seem like an insignificant task, but it helps make your device works faster. So, stay away from the stress of working on a painfully slow laptop with Clean Master.


You know you’ve hit true mastery when you can operate your computer with minimum help of the mouse. Doing things is way faster when you don’t need to lift your hand to move the cursor. Sounds interesting? You can hone this mouse-less skill by adding Vimium to your browser. This extension provides you with all the keyboard shortcuts you need to navigate the web.

Sure, you might’ve kept some shortcuts memorized already. Yet Vimium takes it to the next level by showing shortcuts whenever you look at a webpage. It also provides even more shortcuts than what Google Chrome has in default. Just download the extension—you won’t regret it.