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10 awesome Android boot animations

The Android boot animation was never fascinating, and it gets even more boring after looking at it several times. However, there is a way to change this. On Android, it is undoubtedly easy to change your Boot animation to a custom one. We will first show how you can do just that and ten awesome Android boot animations with which you can replace the original one.

How to change the Android Boot animation

  1. (there are several methods available, in this guide, we will show the one that we think is easiest to do. It does require a rooted Android device)
  2. Download and install a root explorer app (we highly recommend ES File Explorer)
  3. Once downloaded and installed, go to the settings, enable Root Explorer, and check the “Up to Root.”
  4. Navigate to /data/local and paste your new file there (We have ten awesome boot animations further down this post, make sure to take a look!)
  5. Reboot your device, and voila!

10 Awesome Android Boot Animations

Download the file here

Download the file here

You can download the Battlefield file here

You can check out the golden circle file here

android nyan cat boot animation

For cat lovers, there is always the Android Nyan cat boot animation. Check it out here

Love Star Wars? So do we download the .zip file here

For the dancing Android boot animation, check out the .zip file here

Alienware boot animation

The blue Alienware head file can be downloaded from here

Not a huge Apple fan, huh? check out the .zip file here

Download the 3D Batman file here

Bonus: The scary joker boot animation, download it here

Know any cool ones? Make sure to leave us a comment with a picture and a link to download the .zip file!