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How to turn Safari into a minimalist browser

If you love Apple and minimalism the overall Mac OSX operation system will suit you great, but there is a program which you use on a daily basis that might not fit into that “minimalist” style, The Safari web browser. Apple’s browser is easier to use them Chrome but can be simplified, a lot. There is hope, the popular web browser from Apple can be transformed into a minimalist browser, the result:

minimalist Safari browser

Which just shows the most important part: The content. So how can i achieve this with my browser? Lets take a look

How to turn Safari into a minimalist browser

  1. First we are going to install the Better Touch Tool
  2. Head over to System Preferences
  3. Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts
  4. Add the following shortcuts: safari shortcuts
  5. Fire up Better Touch Tool
  6. Add the App “Safari”
  7. select Trackpads in the top var and add the gestures three-finger up– and down. Make them trigger a “custom keyboard shortcut”.
  8. Press cmd+alt+T for the up gesture and cmd+shift+B for the down gesture. Safari gestures and shortcuts
  9. You can use Cmd+L to access the navigation bar temporarily.

Thanks to Patrik Gothen!