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Digital Marketing Techniques You Might Not Know About

Digital marketing can be carried out in a variety of ways. Social media is all the rage right now, and SEO is another important way to get your brand noticed. But what about when you’re all out of ideas? When your company is successful, but you want to push that little bit further? Well, there’s a few additional marketing strategies that might not come to mind initially. Let’s go few a through of these.

1)    Youtube

Youtube is often thought of as a young person’s platform, and that’s fairly true in some ways. However, it’s also an avenue for all sorts of marketing techniques. You could develop a traditional ad or blog about your experiences. You could even post something funny that happened at work; monetize it, and it could go viral. There are tips out there for utilising YouTube as a marketing strategy, so don’t write it off. It’s actually the most important form of social media if used effectively. 

2)  Online SMS services

Sending masses of text messages is a grueling, time-consuming process. Business Text services take all the hassle out of this idea, allowing you to send text messages from within your web browser. It’s much easier to keep a track of than traditional text methods, and a great way to make your customers aware of your latest product.

3) QR Codes

You know those little barcode-like things that you see sometimes? The ones that are in magazines and plastered across the side of company vehicles? Those are QR codes, and they’re the latest all-the-rage development in advertising. You can generate one of those codes easily, linking back to wherever you’d like it to go. These codes offer a sense of mystery, and they’re a hands-on activity. People love scanning these things, so take advantage while it’s still a trend.


4) Make A Game

No, I don’t mean the next Call Of Duty or Grand Theft Auto. It has been proven that successful game ideas can benefit a company, no matter what area they specialise in. Facebook games are particularly popular, as friends will share the link if they enjoy it. Find a local specialist that deals in this sort of thing. They’ll make a simple game for you that can really improve visitor traffic and brand awareness. Obviously, relate the game to what you’re selling. Don’t make a violent shooter if you’re an online florist!

5) Do Something Unexpected

I can’t tell you what to do in this scenario. A lot of businesses have enjoyed viral marketing campaigns because they did something that no-one else had thought of. Think outside the box and just try something. It might not work, but at least, give it a go. Be sure to do everything in good taste, and don’t risk offending anyone. One bad move could sink your company into the ground.

Digital marketing is challenging, but a fun way to get creative. Your ideas could shape the future of your company for years to come. Hopefully, there’s some advice in here that you hadn’t thought about, and that you’ll find useful in the future.

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