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Battle of the Browsers: What is the best mobile browser of 2014?

If you’re like me then when you’re out and about and you want to look something up on your iPhone or Android you will have to pick a web browser to do so, whether it’s the default choice of Safari, Google Chrome, Dolphin or Opera, everyone wants a fast and smooth browsing experience. But a lot of people also appreciate a nice looking interface and an app which is easy to use, especially if you want to find something fast and you don’t want any hassle. So to help you which browser you should use we’ve made a list of the four most popular browsers and why you should download them, or just stick with Safari.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser is probably the most unique browser that features on our list, one part based on its name. But that’s not all, even though there is a steep learning curve when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of the browser, its actually an incredibly stable browser, it has many valuable features and is rooted in social networking with strong links to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Once you have synced all of your appropriate accounts you can then share all your content across these networks with a single click. You also have the option of changing the homepage background image, you’re able to adjust the font size and you can turn on full screen mode if you so please.

Along with the option to privately browse and block any unwanted ads, Dolphin is a very strong choice when it comes to the ultimate browsing experience. Even though the browser is very similar to Safari, it’s just as fast in terms of speed and is able to synch your history, passwords, bookmarks and other data across your mobile and desktop accounts


Out of all the browsers that are out there, Safari is the most capable, despite being very bland, its very good at what it does. The app comes pre-installed on all versions of iOS, offering a convenient method of browsing the web from the moment you start using your phone, meaning you don’t even have to go onto the app store to look for an alternative. Safari also acts as the the default browser, so when you open a link, either from an email, Facebook or just a link that require a web browser, its impossible to avoid using Safari.

Safari also offers cross platform syncing of bookmarks , private browsing, the ability to save articles for offline use, and a smart search field which is used to predict the closest match for your search inquiry which makes searching very easy as you have the options right in front of you. It’s also the fastest Web browser on our list thanks to its JavaScript engine, while at the same time having enough features to compete among the best. It also offers voice search capabilities similar to Chrome, but being the app is an Apple product, it does relie on voice assistance through Siri.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini began as a project back in 2004, coming from the best open source desktop browser and built from the ground up to collect all your content through a proxy server. Because of this the browser is one of the fastest, if not the fastest browser on the list. By quickly compressing data by up to 90 percent before downloading and displaying webpages, it’s lightweight and designed to run on limited bandwidth, that does mean it doesn’t offer all the features that rivals such as Chrome and Dolphin include.

Although your options are limited, bookmarks and top sites can still be synced between the mobile and desktop versions of the software, and various pieces of content can be saved by simply tapping and holding the image, link, text or other content type on the screen, similar to the other browsers. The interface which is dark and covered with larger icons that different to the other browsers is a nice touch, allowing you to easily navigate between tabbed pages and the dashboard any time you like.

Google Chrome

And finally Google Chrome, Google’s answer to Safari, a much more feature laden counterpart which offers various valuable tools which integrates with everything Google related. Once everything is synced you’re now able to access all the date which is associated with your account, which includes passwords, your search history, bookmarks and all your open tabs. Like the other apps, Chrome is very quick and with the search bar you can quickly look up whatever you want in an instant. You’re also able to open an infinite amount of tabs, so if you’re doing some heavy searching for something then there’s no need to worry, you can open as much as you like, you can also go into private browsing with Google’s Incognito mode.

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Google takes a good shot at Apple’s Siri with Chrome voice search, allowing you to enter search inquiries with you voice even when using an older iPhone that doesn’t support Siri. The app’s interface is minimalist, simple and easy to use, taking design ideas from its desktop counterpart but this time including many features that are very helpful when browsing on the move.



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