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New Qualcomm chip to make 4G smartphones much cheaper

4G has been around since a couple of years now and adoption of this new technology has happened incredibly fast with the HTC Evo 4G which launched in 2010 being the first device to make use of 4G. Currently most devices feature a mediatek chip to enable 4G but Qualcomm has just launched its own inexpensive 4G chip to compete against Mediatek in the Chinese market.

Prices of 4G smartphones have already dropped to bellow $200 and according to Digitimes the new inexpensive chip from Qualcomm could make 4G devices cost less then $100 in 2015. Market competition for 4G smartphones isn’t as big as it currently is for 3G devices as emerging markets are mostly interested in 3G and in some countries the 4G infrastructure is still under construction and needs time to develop.

While 4G becomes cheaper, Huawei is already planning on launching the first 5G smartphone in 2018 will be capable of delivering high resolution 3D movies and will allow you to stream 4K video without any issues, it will also make use of IPv6 where a visiting care-of mobile IP address is assigned according to location and connected network.