How to get the Mac OSX Yosemite icons on older Mac OSX versions

Some of you that have seen Apple’s new version of Mac OSX Yosemite have noticed the new icons, one of the many improvements Apple has made in Yosemite. There will be a beta version (you can sign up here) coming out this summer but only 1.000.000 users will be selected to participate and there is a huge chance you might not get in. But what is you want the icon pack now and don’t want to wait? (The following guide can be done on any version of Mac OSX.)

  1. Download the icon pack here (iTunes one can be downloaded from here)
  2. You can change an icon by navigating to the app
  3. Right click and press the “Get Info” button
  4. Select the icon that is located on the top left of the “Get Info window” (marked in red on the image bellow) Change Mac OSX Yosemite icon
  5. Open your new icon from the downloaded folder in Preview and copy it (use the select tool and CMD + C)
  6. Then use CMD + V to past the icon (where in the image above is the Panda)

Common issues: If the new icon doesn’t show, instead shows a PNG file, make sure to follow the steps again. Changes the icons? Make sure to share an image of your desktop in a comment bellow!

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