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How to install WatchSpring and get the Apple Watch UI on your iPhone

The Apple Watch has a beautiful round UI that allows it to be used with one hand and gives better access to one of the many apps available on the device, it is also a huge step up from the familiar square with round border app icon’s we are so used to seeing on iOS.

When the Apple Watch was revealed, many concept designers started imagining on how this interface would look on the iPhone, but a new tweak for iPhone allows you to get just that (as demonstrated in the video bellow by MyJailbreakMovies)


The new tweak called WatchSpring requires a jailbroken iOS 8 device. You can currently jailbreak iOS 8 using Cydia .

How to install WatchSpring on your iPhone running iOS 8+

  1. First, we are going to Download the tweak, you can download the latest WatchSpring package here
  2. Transfer the WatchSpring.deb file to your iPhone via SSH
  3. Once transfered, we are going to install the .deb file. This can be done by running this command: dpkg -i
  4. Open up cydia and search for the package called “Open” from Conrad Kramer (the WatchSpring tweak requires this package to work)
  5. Reboot your iPhone
  6. Voila!

You can undo these changes by simply opening the Cydia app, go to the installed tab and uninstall Watchspring from your device, once you reboot again the UI will change back to normal.