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5 Must have Jailbreak Tweaks compatible with iOS 7

While iOS is a very capable mobile operating system backed by an impressive catalog of apps, there is no question that it has its limitations. Things like changing default applications, installing apps that have not been approved by Apple, and theming beyond changing the wallpaper are all beyond the capabilities of Apple’s mobile OS. However, there is a dedicated community of enthusiasts who work to find vulnerabilities in every new release of iOS in order to “jailbreak” these devices and gain access to functionality beyond the reach of normal users. This type of tampering almost always voids the device’s warranty, but to these power users the benefits are well worth the risk. In this article, we will take a look at some of the coolest and most useful apps and features you can gain through jailbreaking.

Browser Changer

Google’s Chrome browser offers a strong alternative to iOS’s default Safari, but any links opened from other apps will still open in Safari. Browser Changer allows the user to set which browser will open links by default, making Chrome a more full-fledged alternative to the built-in browser


Passcode security is nice for your phone, but sometimes just knowing people can’t get into your device isn’t enough. iCaughtU, available in limited free and more fully-featured Pro editions, can use the device’s front-facing camera to take a picture of any person who inputs an incorrect passcode, and can save the photo and email it to a specified email address along with the location and time of the attempted access.


Activator allows users to launch apps or actions based on either gestures or button inputs. The app even works with the iPhone 5S’s TouchID sensor, so you can use your fingerprint to launch applications.


Being able to use your mobile phone’s internet connection with your computer is one of the coolest features, but most carriers require you to pay extra in order to be able to use it. TetherMe allows you to use your phone as a mobile hotspot regardless of whether or not you’ve paid for the service.

CCControls and CCHide

These applications allow you to customize iOS 7’s new Control Center. CCControls allows you to add new functionality, and CCHide allows you to hide existing buttons that you don’t want.

In addition to the applications and tweaks featured here, there are many more both minor and significant. There is iFile a file managers that let you access your device’s file system and tweaks to do things like launch the calendar application when you click on the date in the notification shade and force the dark keyboard to be enabled all the time. You can even change the system font of iOS with BytaFont2. There is practically no limit to the number of cool things you can do through jailbreak, but remember any damage you cause to your phone in the process is your responsibility; neither AmongTech nor the application developers assume any responsibility.