5 New features the Apple Watch 2 definitely needs

Apple first introduced the Apple Watch during its WWDC 2014 Keynote while most users seem to absolutely love Apple’s latest gadget other users are already saying that they will wait to purchase the Apple Watch 2 for the obvious improvements it will have over the very first model.

The Apple Watch has some amazing software and hardware features but it is far from perfect. In order for Apple to succeed in a competitive market the Apple Watch 2 will need some mayor new features and tweaks for the Apple Watch not to fail.

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5 new Features Apple Watch 2 definitely needs (on the hardware side)

  1. Android Compatibility: Currently, the Apple Watch is only compatible with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus but not with Android and it doesn’t look like Apple will add compatibility any time soon. Keeping in mind that over 50% of all mobile devices run Android (source) Apple is missing out on a great deal of potential customers.
  2. Improved Battery: Since we aren’t used to having battery issues with our watches, having a device with great battery is more important then ever. Currently, the Watch’s battery lasts up to a day but in order for smartwatches to really become a thing, we will need to see devices with improved battery.
  3. GPS: (This is something all smartwatches seem to have in common) and the Apple Watch is no exception: The lack of GPS. One of the main reasons the Apple Watch needs to be connected to your iPhone is because it uses the device’s GPS, adding this feature on the watch it self could make it much more independent and not so much of a companion device
  4. Built in 3G capabilities: Again, this is one of those feature to make it a more independent device. The Samsung Gear S uses a SIM card for standalone 3G service (it requires no smartphone)
  5. Larger display size: While the Apple Watch is available in 2 different sizes the amount of bezel the device has leaves very little space for the actual display. In comparison to other smartwatches, the Apple Watch bezel looks a bit on the bigger side.

Wait for the Apple Watch 2: Practice makes perfect

Apple has a long list of devices that didn’t live up to their full potential on the first try. Take for example the iPhone, the very first iPhone was released and it didn’t even have 3G capabilities something that these days is absolutely essential. The very first MacBook Air was incredibly slow, the first iPad was bulky, heavy and due to its hardware limitations, Apple stopped supporting new iOS versions for the device after iOS 6.

While we don’t exactly know what Apple will improve with the new Apple Watch 2 the company has proven many times that on the second try, the changes from the first device are significant and worth the wait.

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  1. So you want an improved battery for longer life so you don’t have to charge it so often. You also want it to have GPS and Cellular capabilities which will eat battery life.

    I’d like that, too. I’d also like a pony.

  2. This is the most inane list of “must needs” for the Apple Watch.
    1. Android compatibility: will never happen. Android users won’t even be capable of affording the Apple Watch
    2. Improved battery: duh. Also: improved battery life means doing less, like the Pebble.
    3. GPS: sure, the kill battery life as well. GPS use on Android along with Google maps on LTE kills even the strongest Android batteries
    4. Built In 3G Capabilities: This is in SciFi land currently. Apple will only add this if battery life is maintained.
    5. Larger Display Size: sounds like bad taste to me. Apple doesn’t do bad taste.

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