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How much bigger will the new iPhone 6 screen be?

Over the past few months many rumors regarding the new iPhone 6 having a bigger display have been appearing around the web and there are some clear indications on the fact that the new iPhone will actually feature a bigger screen, but how much bigger?

The iPhone 5S has a 4.0inch display which is very small compared to the size of competitors like Samsung’s Galaxy S5 which carries a 5.1inch display and the Nexus 5 from Google with a 4.95inch screen. Among the wave of rumors there are several sizes that keep appearing over and over again, we can’t know for sure but if the rumors are accurate, we will see a 4.5inch and 5.0inch iPhone 6 soon.

Why a bigger iPhone?

Over the past few years users have grown accustomed to bigger size smartphones, like mentioned earlier, Apple’s competitors are releasing much bigger phones. In order to appeal a larger audience Apple has to increase its screen size. Apple has never been one to follow market trends but there are a lot of people that are really looking for a slightly larger screen, i personally wouldn’t have thought Apple would do something like this, but after the announcement of the iPhone 5C i think Apple might just release a larger display smartphone to attract a certain market, like it did with the iPhone 5C to compete in countries like India, China, Japan etc. and with cheaper Android devices

Bigger screen but not a bigger iPhone

The rumored 4.5inch display could be coming on an iPhone that is actually not much larger then the current iPhone 5S is. Several leaked images (like the ones bellow, source) suggest that the new flagship smartphone will have a bezel-free design which means that there is more room for screen and less for bezel. If Apple would have removed the bezel from the iPhone 5S you could fit a 4.5inch display in there.

This does seem like something likely to happen since Apple strongly believes that a smartphone has to be operational with one hand, this is something it has demonstrated specially in the advertisement. This is a TV ad for the iPhone 5 titled “Thumb”

What do you think is the perfect screen size? Let us know!