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[Rumor] Image of iPhone 6 front panel next to Samsung Galaxy S4 leaked

Previously images of what appeared to be the back chassis of the iPhone 6 leaked, confirming the fact that the iPhone 6 (like many rumors already stated) will feature a larger screen. All though we don’t know exactly how big the screen will be, a new leaked image of the front panel of the upcoming Apple smartphone which got send in to us by an anonymous tipster shows that indeed the phone could get a similar size to the Galaxy s4 which has a 5-inch display.

The front panel of the iPhone 6 seems to be the same size of the Galaxy S4 which means that previous rumors regarding a 4.8-inch screen can be right, but the full physical size is expected to be 5-inch.


As of now not much is known about the specs of the device, but earlier rumors state that the device wouldn’t see much improvement on the camera which will remain 8 megapixel, TSMC is allegedly making a A8 20-nanometer processor and DisplayResearch claims that the iPhone 6 will feature 1920×1080 resolution.

Editors Note: We are unable to verify the legitimacy of this image, stay skeptical.