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Concept images of iPhone 6 Air show new iPad Air like design

All though the iPhone 5S hasn’t been out for that long the first concept images and rumors of a future iPhone 6 have already emerged. We love concept images because they can give you a good look on how a possible future Apple device will look (which are sometimes not far off how the final product looks like) Martin Hajek a Dutch 3D designer of who we have previously shared new iTV concept images has also made some images of a possible iPhone 6. In this article we will analyze the iPhone 6, what we know about it and how these concept images can give you a good idea on how the actual iPhone 6 could look like once announced in 2014.

It is interesting to see how Martin has approached the larger screen size rumors that have been going around regarding the new phone. Personally i think it is unlikely that Apple will put a wider and larger screen on its phone, Martin has done a great job at this by giving it the same screen size but completely removing the bezel of the phone which gives you the feeling the screen is much wider then it actually is.

iPhone 6 concept images

Several rumors (and patents) have also emerged claiming that Apple is working on making the Touch ID fingerprint sensor all over the iPhone’s screen not limiting to the use of the home button. Martin has removed the home button to not only give the iPhone a bigger screen also because the button is unnecessary.  Apps can be closed with the 3-finger closing gesture (similar to how the iPad has the 4 finger closing gesture to close an App).

iPhone 6 concept image 2

As far as the overall design of the phone, the back panel looks similar to the iPad Mini and iPad Air design with a curved corners instead of how the iPhone 5S corner are right now, this will give the phone a similar feeling to holding the iPhone 5C.

iPhone 6 concept image 3

The rear camera of the iPhone 6 has also been made slightly bigger to fit in a possible 16 megapixel camera and an improved dual flash. As far as colors go we expect the iPhone 6 to come in Space gray, Gold and Silver just like the iPhone 5S.

What will the new iPhone be called? iPhone 6 or iPhone Air?

When the iPad Air was announced we were surprised on the name change of the device. The word “air” became obvious when they showed how light the device was. Apple has multiple patents to get liquid metal as the building material for a future phone, this metal is much lighter then what Apple currently uses for its iPhones and could mean that Apple will call their new iPhone the iPhone Air.

We have put together a gallery featuring more concept images designed by Martin Hajek, if you want to check out all of them you can do so here