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Second-Gen Google Nexus 7 Unveiled At GPF 2013

In San Francisco on July 24th, Google announced the release of the second-generation Nexus 7 tablet. The new Nexus 7 will be the first Android device to be sold with the new Android 4.3, if you want some information about the latest Android upgrade check out my article on it ; here. For us in the United Kingdom, like I am, the latest Nexus 7 will be available from September the 13th , but for our American readers I believe it will be released in July the 30th ,so it won’t be that long a wait to get your hands on it.

What is the difference between the old Nexus and the new one?

Well, one of the biggest differences is the fact that the new Nexus now has as a new HD screen, with a 7-inch display similar to the old Nexus which for me is quite impressive to say the least and if I do buy the latest Nexus when it comes out will make me pleased as I will be able to watch movies in HD. If we ‘pop the Nexus 7’s hood’ we will find an improved 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and for an additional boost you will have 2GB of RAM at your feet.

In design terms, the Nexus 7 has lost weight and has become slimmer than the first Nexus 7, and is now much sleeker than the original Nexus. For those people who take pride in taking pictures using their chosen device then this will be the one for with you a 5 Megapixel rear-end camera. As I have said before the new Nexus 7 will run the latest version of Android 4.3, and to finish this article off I would like to say if you love playing games on the Android O.S then the HD screen and the two gigs of RAM will suit you perfectly.