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Best apps to Backup your Android device to the Cloud

Our smartphones are with us all the time and losing all of the data we have on them could be devastating for the most of us, from amazing pictures you took on your last vacation to Italy to contact information from friends, family and work. So how can best back up this data so you won’t lose it in case anything would happen to your smartphone? The best solution is backing up the data to the Cloud.There are several Apps that allow you to do just this, we are going to take a look at the 3 best ones.

1. G Cloud Backup

G Cloud Backup is probably the most famous one and for a good reason as it is definitely the one to go with. G Cloud can be downloaded from the Google Play store and provides 10GB of Free cloud storage that you can use to back up your phone, after that a little fee will be charged for additional backup space. But its not just the free storage that make it a good choice, it are the different features.

With G Cloud Backup you can backup messages, contacts, calendar appointments, music, applications, and other data that will be encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption. You can also configure it to make automatic backups through WIFI. Since G Cloud Backup stores the data on its own servers you can access your backup data any time and the app is even optimized to display your pictures without having to download them on to your device. If you really want to secure your data, G Cloud backup is the best app to go with.

2. Go Backup and Restore

While G Cloud Backup provides cloud storage in its own servers Go Backup and Restore allows you to copy your data to your already existing Google Drive and Dropbox account. It provides an easy interface that allows you to select different types of apps and data available which you can then create a backup from.

It is also very handy for its Restore function since it will allow you to restore all of the backed up data to your Android device in a matter of minutes. Check it out here on the Google Play store

3. Super Backup

super backup app

While both Go Backup and G Cloud backup provide a way to store your data in the Cloud, Super Backup allows you to store your data on a SD card or Gmail account. The Free app available on the Play Store here  is very powerful for the schedule function it has as it is more in-depth then both of the apps mentioned earlier. You can backup specific data on certain days of the month, schedule backups to Gmail etc.

So now that you know what the 3 most popular and best apps are for creating a backup, how should you configure it to make sure that the latest data is always backed up in the cloud? We suggest you configure the app of your choice to create Daily backups over WIFI of the most important data on your device and that you configure it to make weekly backups of all of the data stored. The best time to do this is at night around 4AM when you are most likely not using your smartphone.