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Several thousand AOL email accounts hacked

AOL has announced on Monday that it is currently investigating a security breach that affects several thousand AOL users. Hackers have gained access to several thousand email addresses, passwords, security questions, addresses and other highly personal information.It is yet unknown if the passwords obtained were encrypted or not. AOL does let MarketWatch know that financial…

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Windows 8.2

Microsoft updates its Security Essentials to fix DDOS vulnerability

Microsoft has just released an update to its Microsoft Security Essentials anti-malware software (Engine 1.1.10701.0) The update will fix a vulnerability which was detected by Google Engineer Tavis Ormandy which works at Google Project Zero, the vulnerability would prevent the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine from monitoring your system if it scanned a specially crafted file on your computer,…

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File found on iOS which stores unencrypted data of your location

Blogger NoBelSec  has found some interesting information on iOS 6 in a file called cache_encryptedA.db which stores accurate data on the exact location where you have been using your iPhone.This particular file contains geo-locations provided by apps, cellular and wifi data on the iPhone, it will also tell you additional stuff like the location where your calls have been…

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