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New cloud storage service Yunio offers 1TB of Free storage

Over the past few years Cloud storage has become more and more popular among users with companies like Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud. Cloud Storage makes it easier for users to backup and share their data safely on a remote server so it can be easily accessed from any location and solved the whole carrying your flashdrive around the office or house. We wanted to share this service in particular due to the fact that its free and offers a incredible amount of free storage.

In China they have their own alternative to Dropbox and it is a company called Yunio, all though it was founded back in 2011 it has recently made it available in the US, Europe and UK. What makes Yunio different is that while usually cloud storage services offer a few free GB of storage Yunio offers 1TB (1000GB) of free storage and unlimited bandwidth.

Similar to dropbox it provides a easy interface and control panel that allows you to organize your data in folders where you can then upload videos, music, documents etc. All of the data transferred between the client and server are encrypted and so are the files on the server itself. You can also download the client for Windows, Mac or Linux which will make it easier to upload files and will save you time by not having to open your browser and log in and as far as mobile goes Yunio has an app on the iOS App Store and Android Play store.