How to get 2GB Free Google Drive storage

Google has just started a new promotion giving users 2GB of free Google Drive Storage if they perform a security checkup. The promotion will be available until February 17th so if you are interested in getting an additional 2GB of free Google Drive storage we highly recommend you follow the steps bellow and make sure you get it done.

Important: While you will receive your 2GB of storage, Google won’t grant them to you until February 28th

How to Perform the Security checkup to get 2GB Free Google Drive Storage

You can head over to the Google checkup page hereThe checkup will make sure your recovery information is up to date, that all of your recent activity and account logins are accurate and if the right apps and devices have permission to sensitive information of your Google Account. Additionally, it will also ask you to set up 2 step verification if you haven’t done already.

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