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5 great examples of Twitter header images that will inspire you

We know Twitter is working on a new design that will incorporate a Google plus like profile, including a bigger header image. But for now, Twitter profiles still have a small space you can fill in with an image that shows information of you, interacts in a cool way with your profile picture or just a beautiful landscape image. Lets take a look at some profiles that have made great use of the Twitter header image and are a great example of how it can be done:

1. Ryan Seacrest 

Ryan Seacrest twitter profile


All though he no longer uses this profile picture and has since then grown to more then 25 million followers, the former image of Ryan Seacrest is a great example of how you can use the header image to work with your profile picture, many Twitter users have adopted this same method and it doesn’t only look cool, it is also simple to create

2. Marvel

The Marvel header image is a great example of how a brand with tons of super heroes has been able to fit them all into a single space without making it look too busy, by simply showing the most iconic part or weapon of a super heroe on the side of the Twitter profile header image.

3. Joao Paulo Rosman

He might not be a famous brand or a star but Joao Paulo Rosman has an awesome header image by hitting his profile picture with a ping pong paddle and making it look like it stopped right at the place where the Twitter profile picture belongs.

4. Portent

portent twitter header

Portent, an online marketing company has made great use of light to focus on their profile picture which contains the logo of their brand. Using light to focus on a certain object can be a great way to get visitors to look at your logo and is a very clever way of marketing.

5. John Haydon

John has used its header image to display more information it couldn’t fit on its profile description, essentially using the image space to inform every profile visitor about something he/she should know or do. It is definitely a good idea if you want to inform your followers about something or give them a better idear of who you are.

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