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First Tweets from 5 CEO’s of Forbes 500 tech companies

If you read AmongTech on a daily basis you probably love technology and know many of the companies and CEO’s that run those companies. Recently “First Tweets” have become more popular as both celebrities and big names in the social media business have been sharing their first tweet of which most are hilarious and some shameful, if you are one of those people who’s first tweet is one you rather forget you are lucky as you might not have too many followers but are any of the first tweets from CEO’s of multi-billion dollar companies shameful? Lets find out:

1. Tim Cook CEO of Apple

Apple is worlds biggest tech company with more then $150 billion in revenue and having more cash then the US government there is no doubt that this makes CEO Tim Cook one of the most important people in the Tech industry. He hasn’t been on Twitter for long but this was his first tweet:

tim cook first tweet

2. Meg Whiteman CEO OF Hewlett-Packard

Being one of the women who has ranked most on the “Worlds most influential people” list former Ebay CEO and now CEO of HP Meg Whiteman is our number 2 on the list. HP made over $120 billion in revenue in 2013 and all though HP hasn’t been doing as well as it did a few years ago it is still one of the biggest Tech companies in the world. This was her first tweet in 2009

meg whiteman first tweet

3. Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates

We had to fit worlds biggest software company somewhere in the list and all though Steven Ballmer doesn’t have a Twitter account, founder and former CEO Bill Gates does. He isn’t only worlds richest man but also the Technology related company CEO with the most twitter followers. This was his first tweet in 2010, containing the classic “Hello World” message.

bill gates first tweet

4. Michael Dell CEO of Dell

Dell was founded in 1984 and is one of the biggest technology companies in the world. In 2013 Dell made more then $56.9 billion in revenue, giving it a spot on the number 4 out of 5. Michael Dell is, like Bill Gates also one of the richest man in the world with a $17 Billion net worth, he was also the youngest man ever to rank on the Fortune 500. This was his first tweet:

michael dell first tweet

5. Brian Krzanich CEO of Intel

Brian has only been CEO of Intel since May 2013 but has been working at Intel for a very long time slowly climbing up the ladder. With just 1.500 followers Brian is the CEO with the least followers on our list but he has been doing better at running Intel then gaining Twitter followers which earned him a number 5 spot. This was his first tweet (the person mentioned in his tweet, Josh, refers to Josh Walden, Vice president of GM)

Brian Krzanich first tweet

Bonus: CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Warrent Buffet

With a net worth of $60 billion and being considered Worlds best investor, Warrent Buffet is not a CEO of a Forbes 500 tech company, but his first tweet was one of the funnier ones out there and thats exactly why it was worth putting him on the list. Warrent buffet joined Twitter not too long ago and has since then only tweeted 5 times. This was his first tweet:

warrent buffet first tweet

Editors Note: The Top 5 list might not be a hundred percent accurate as some CEO’s don’t have Twitter, we did the list according to the 2013 Forbes 500 list.