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Consulting Agreement: Do I need a Lawyer?

Once the company proposal has been accepted, there will come a time when your company, either large or small, will need to make a consulting service agreement with another company, institution, individual or group of people, in order to better settle what type of service is being offered.

Traditionally, all sorts of settlement agreements were thought about and written by legal counselors who had plenty of knowledge and experience with the different subtleties involved in the matter of writing a consulting agreement with a customer. Fortunately, these days, a consulting agreement can be made in the comfort of your own office without much hassle, and above all, at a much lower price than if you were seeking for professional legal help.

Why use a Template?

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Besides being much less expensive than asking for professional help, using a template to write your own consulting agreement will help you develop certain skills and qualities that will be very useful in the future. Secondly, by fully customizing the requirements or other details in the agreement, your company can rest assured that no other detail has been lost or neglected.

What does a Consulting Agreement Template Consist of?

There are certain requirements that will make the agreement not only look legal, but become more comprehensive of the type of service that you are offering in the agreement.


These are the most relevant parts that should be present in all types of consulting agreements:

Wording: Even when it sounds commonplace, choosing the right expressions and the appropriate language at all times will amount to clarity. Besides, with this particular document, those who are freelancers or outsourcers can feel free to use this document without taking major risks or spend too much on legal professionals.

Requirements: There are certain aspects that must be included in the contract, even if they have been agreed upon beforehand in a more informal context. The truth is that everything must be written clearly and precisely.

Details and Further Information: Some details and pieces of information are vital and should be present at all times, for example, dates, deadlines, compensation fees, intellectual property rights and confidentiality, for instance.

Additional Points: Certain companies request their consulting providers not to do any kind of soliciting for a specific period of time after the services have been hired and/or paid. This means that no other forceful contact can be made with workers of our subsidiaries.

Written Consent: One of the most important aspects of signing a consulting agreement is adding a point that states that no type of change can or may be lawfully done without the change being expressed in written for. This aspect is relevant when it comes to disagreement between the parties and eventual resolution.

Applicable Law: Like the point mentioned above, settling the jurisdiction where the case will be dealt with –should there be a case- is also vital to the overall understanding between the parts. This is why professional Consulting agreements should state the state where the agreement is being settled.

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