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Instagram now has more mobile users then Twitter

Instagram, the popular photo sharing social network owned by Facebook now has more mobile users in the United States then Twitter according to a new report from EMarketer.

Twitter first launched in 2006 and has more then 240 million users of which 30.8 of them are on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, on the other hand Instagram has 200 million users, launched back in 2010 and currently has more then 35 million active mobile users, 4.2 million more then Twitter.

monthly twitter active users

Twitter has seen a slight decline in monthly active users which fell from a growth of 26% to 21% in 2014, the social network also went public several months back which also wasn’t very successful. A recent update on the mobile version app of Twitter has added a new feature that allows users to share multiple photos in 1 tweet and tag users in the picture.