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What is Facetime and is there Facetime for Android?

So you might have heard a friend ask you “Hey, Why don’t we Facetime?” and just when you thought you were starting to get the hang of this whole smartphone thing there now is something called Facetime! Don’t worry, we are going to help you understand what is Facetime, the advantages of using it and if you can use Facetime on Android.

What is Facetime?

Facetime icon

Facetime is a video chat app developer by Apple for iOS and comes pre-installed on all iPhones. The app allows you to make video calls for free to other iPhone users. One of the main advantages of the service is that it is supported on multiple devices like your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac which means that you can make calls from your iPhone to your Mac or iPad, it doesn’t matter. Facetime is a free service which uses 3G or Wifi to make video calls.

What are the Advantages of using Facetime?

There are several

  • High quality video calls for free
  • The service is available on multi Apple devices (ipad, iphone, iMac, ipod touch)
  • FaceTime audio allows you to make audio-only calls for free
  • The service uses Wifi or 3G
  • The service is easy to use and already integrated into iOS

However, the service also has a huge disadvantage.

Is there a way i can download Facetime for Android?

The answer is unfortunately, no.  If you own an Android device and want to make a Facetime video chat call this is not possible. It is also not possible to make a Facetime call from an iPhone to an Android device, in order to do so both users will need to have an iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch or iMac. With any of these devices it is possible.