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iPad Air has longer lasting battery life then any Android tablet

A battery test of different high-end tablets currently available on the market done by Which? shows that the iPad Air has the longest lasting battery life of all tablets.

With over 658 minutes of battery use browsing the web and 777 minutes of video use, the iPad Air beats the latest Samsung tablet the Galaxy Note 10 (2014 edition) which lasted just 483 minutes browsing the web. On second place as longest lasting battery are the iPad Mini with Retina Display which has 614 minutes and the iPad 2 is third place with 590.

The best performing Android tablet is the Galaxy Note 10 2014 edition who’s battery lasted for over 483 minutes, approximately 3 hours less then the iPad Air. As far as battery life while watching a movie or streaming video to your tablet the iPad Air came first again, but the second place isn’t the iPad Mini instead it is the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 which lasted 714 minutes, approximately 1 hour less then the iPad Air.