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4 Essential iPad Air accessories

The iPad Air available at Argos can be considered the best gadget of 2013 and it is without a doubt the best tablet of 2013. From cases to docks and mounts with the thousands of different accessories and manufacturers producing compatible accessories for the iPad Air, but which are essential ones? We have put together a list featuring what we think are a few must-have iPad Air accessories.

iPad Air Smartcover

iPad Air smartcover

It is personally one of my biggest annoyances, a dirty tablet screen. The iPad Air smartcover is designed by Apple for the iPad and fits the design perfectly. The Cover is available in different colors pink, yellow, blue, green and black. Unlike many other cases which completely hide the design of the iPad, the smartcover is connected to the iPad with a magnetic strip only covers the screen but thats not all, the material where the cover is made of will clean your screen.

Keyboard for iPad Air

Many of you might not be a huge fan of writing on a tablet, specially most of the users that write a lot of emails prefer to feel the keys when typing, for those people the Keyboard is essential. There are many keyboards available for iPad Air and the one that stood us out most is the Logitech Wireless solar keyboard which connects through Bluetooth to your iPad and will recharge it self through the little solar panel it features on the front, the beautiful design and integrated Mac keys make this keyboard a must have.

Lightning to HDMI adapter

lightning to hdmi cable

All though a tablet has a bigger screen then a smartphone there are still times where you might want to watch a movie on your TV or give a presentation through a projector. For these occasions the lightning to HDMI adapter is perfect allowing you to plugin your iPad into any device that supports HDMI and for those who also have an iPhone, it is also compatible with the iPhone 5, 5C and 5S.

iPad Air Docks and Stands

You might not always be using your iPad Air but why hide it away? There are many docks and stands compatible with the iPad that will allow you to charge your device at the same time it is beautifully displayed. Stands come in many different shapes and sizes. With the huge variety of docks and stands available we have decided to choose 1 which really stands out. The Twelve South Hoverbar is a stand that will be great for you if you have an iMac or MacBook Pro to make the most out of it however it is requires one, it will hook up to your iMac stand, kitchen, chair, MacBookPro or even Apple displays or any TV screen on the back and will allow you to have your iPad floating near your screen.