New iOS 7.1 Beta 4 contains more bug fixes and UI changes

Apple has just released iOS 7.1 Beta 4 (build 111D5134c) to developers. iOS 7.1 is currently in beta and is expected to release to the public in March. The last update (beta 3) had several UI tweaks and bug fixes (see the full list of changes and images of UI tweaks of Beta 3 here) and Beta 4 isn’t any different as it contains UI tweaks and bug fixes. Here are the most important changes made:

  • Messages no longer indicates a send failure immediately after sending
  • (some users report) that the Safari crashes have been fixed
  • Photo app icon slightly changed

photo app

  • iPad has gained new Voice Gender options for the UK.
  • New unlock screen text

You can check out the full changelog here. Only users that have a registered Apple Developer account can download the update now on their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Apple has also released new betas of Xcode 5.1, and the Apple TV software which are also available for download for those who have an Apple Developer account.

Authors Note: Sorry for some misinformation posted earlier, the images we shared regarding some UI tweaks that were wrong have been deleted.

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  1. Is it weird that I don’t have any of these change although I’m using iOS 7.1 beta 4??? Where did the person get these from?! They’re all fake except the new slide to unlock!!!

  2. I’m the kind of guy that wants to know each and everything in an update. From little letter font changes/spacing to major secrets.

    1. All of the changes are in the post, as of now we are looking for more little tweaks and we will add them as soon as we find them

  3. The UK voice changes are also available on the iPhone, or at least with my iPhone 5S. We now have the choice of British Male and British Female.

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