More people report their Samsung Galaxy S4 catching fire

More and more Samsung Galaxy S4 owners have reported their smartphone catching fire while charging. Yet another user has reported on Reddit  that his 9 month old Galaxy S4 cached fire last night after leaving it in the charger, he claims the smartphone was covered in “some wet, smelly substance” (caused by the leaking battery)

I unplug it from the charger to find that the charging port is burnt. The charger itself (male port) is burnt and rusted. The phone charging port is burnt as well. You can see the plastic around the charging port is melted. I always leave my phone on when I sleep so I was surprised. I then turned it on to find that everything was reset and I have no reception.

For those wondering why the phone has no signal, its because of the antena being next to the charger. Here is a picture of the burned charger

Burned Samsung galaxy s4

This isn’t the first Galaxy S4 to catch fire and it seems to be happening more often, several weeks back a man’s apartment in Hong Kong burned down due to a Galaxy S4 caching fire. Recently a Canadian youtuber which goes by the name of Ghostlyrich uploaded several videos regarding his Galaxy S4. After he posted the video, he got a letter from Samsung asking him to remove the video from youtube in order to get a replacement smartphone from a “similar model” and asking him to keep complete silence about the matter and denying everything regarding his smartphone catching fire, for those interested in reading the full letter you can do so here. Here is the video from Ghostlyrich:

The problem seems to happen due to a battery malfunction, the chemical substances in the battery can cause an explosion and create a small fireball, we recommend you follow these steps in order to make sure you are save and your smartphone doesn’t explode:

  1. Do not let your phone or its battery be subjected to extreme heat (Example: leaving it in a parked car that is under the hot Sun)
  2. Try to not overwork your device (Example: Playing video games while charging the device)
  3. Don’t charge the smartphone while you are asleep and if so, make sure to put it in a place far away from you and any object that easily catches fire.
  4. Don’t use unofficial chargers, 2 out of the 3 exploding smartphones were using unofficial chargers. They also remove warranty

Any other advice? Make sure to share it!

Update: In Germany a Galaxy S4 has exploded while charging on a baby’s changing table. Full Article. Here are the related pictures:

Galaxy S4


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  1. Imagine us note 3 users who are really worried with our USB 3.0 ports that draw even more power with bigger batteries.

  2. this just happened to my phone yesterday!

    defiantly a very unsafe phone and should be recalled as its not an isolated occurence!

      1. phone burned my skin, I had it charging and fell asleep with it laying on me, haven’t gotten a full response yet

      2. Happened to me too, except not a fireball, but it started smoking badly from the charger port. I suspect the pins are weak in the port, and eventually they break, and short out. Then you have 1900mah worth of heat in an isolated spot.. I suppose the battery would have caught fire if I wasn’t sitting right next to the phone when it happened.

  3. My phone did this last night. I have been trying to contact Tmobile and Samsung about this problem and all I am getting is to leave a message and they will get back to me. This is a hazardous item and should be replaced. They asked if I was using the same battery and charger that they issued with the phone I told them yes. Samsung said that they have no place to give me and new one and I was going to have to talk to Tmobile and get a replacement from them. I paid $680 for this phone in July. I know that I have a 1 year warranty with both of them for this product and they seem to just brush it off.

    1. I just got off the phone with Samsung regarding my daughters S4. The charger port burnt and destroyed the phone. The phone is less than 8 months old. I was told to send it in and if they could fix it they would; if not I would have to buy a new phone. They do not replace phones. And if they cannot repair it “cost effectively” they return it unrepaired and tell you buy a new phone. I asked if it was a manufacturer defect that caused the phone to be destroyed, would they replace the phone. The response was we don’t replace phones and I was advised “ma’am, read your warranty” by the supervisor. No more Samsung for us after that experience

        1. Samsung never took any responsibility and denied they had an issue. We spoke with our cell phone carrier and they replaced the phone for us

          1. Would love to see some proof of what you are saying. Of course samsung will replace their phone if there is a problem with it. They replaced mine for smaller reasons than burning up.

          2. Unfortunately, because it was phone conversations, there is no “proof” to present. The problem I had with the phone made it so the phone could not be repaired; it had to be replaced. And the representative was correct, the contract indicates they will make repairs if it is cost effective for them. You can choose to believe, or not. It will not change my Samsung experience.
            I am assuming you had the same issue, your phone needing to be replaced because it could not be repaired? And you shipped it off to Samsung and they said “sorry, we cannot repair this, here is a new one”? I am glad you had success with that and wish i could have said the same.

          3. Same situation with me as well. I was told since I’m out of warranty, I’d have to fork out $70 for a new phone or replacement charges.. I argued with them about it telling Samsung this is manufacturer defect; so then I was told I’d be called back in 2 days.. still waiting.. Samsung is such a crap company it’s ridiculous.

  4. I feel concerned about whether the fires are originating from the USB cable or the phone itself. I’m still using the AC adaptor and USB cable from my previous S3 that have been in use for well over a year without issue, and a lot of images I’m seeing look like the fire is from the USB cable connection from the S4

    1. My friends phone charger was what caught on fire the other day. He noticed it was smoking and the charger it self was melted but the phone was ok.

  5. I just went through hell tonight just because of my s4 that I had bought less than a month or so. I had bought it because it was on sale and oh boy! I regret it! I would notice that the back of the phone would get warm and never thought anything about it. The screen would also get warm but usually only when I’d be using the Internet, YouTube, or played a video game. Well tonight I had my phone charging on its official charger that it came with and unplugged it in order to change the song that was playing via YouTube. Did notice it was warm but didn’t think anything of it. I changed the song, and after 5+minutes I hear a cracking sound, turned around and noticed my s4 smoking. I picked up the phone, It was way hot! Saw the screen cracked and not playing any music. I looked down on my bed where the phone had been and it burnt a black hole and smoke coming from the bed blanket itself. I instantly took out the battery and went thoughtless. I wasn’t upset about the phone being damaged, I was more upset that this happened when my two little brothers (2 and 8) where inside the same house. When I came out of the shock I grabbed the phone and went to store that I had bought the phone from to explain what had happened and he literally giggled. He made a call, told me he couldn’t do anything and for me to go to a corporate store. I go tothis corporate store and the manager I believe was closing the doors on me and begged him to hear me out. And as I shouted from outside the door that my phone caught fire he and his coworkers laughed at me and said come tommorrow during opening hours. He literally closed the doors one minute before the posted closing time. He said for me to go to another store that closed an hour later which I did and as I went into the store I asked for a supervisor. I asked her not to laugh at what I’m about to tell her, she nicely replied and i showed her the phone and explained what had happened. As we got to her desk she asked why I asked her not to laugh I told her about the other store retailers laughing and treating me so badly. But this lady was soo far from that, appologized and took care of me 100%. She even wanted to replace the phone, which I wasn’t looking or thinking of. I just wanted to make a claim so this wouldn’t happen to someone else. She called to make a manufactures replacement claim and they had told her to pass the phone to the owner of the phone. The lady on the other line told me to explain what happened and she immediately laughed. I told her that her laughter was inappropriate due to the circumsantances that two young children where in the same house. She tried to control herself but still giggled. I was upset once again and at the point to cuss her out. She said that she approved the claim and I told her I didn’t want the same phone. That I’d perfer to even downgrade for 10 dollar phone than risk it happening again. She said she couldn’t do anything that I had to accept the s4 or not receive anything. When she said that the incident report would also be dismissed I felt like I had no choice. So I said yes and she said that my claim was approved and all I had to do was make a 10 dollar payment at the retail store. At the end of the recording I had to do a survey and rated my experience with her and gave her an honest bad rating which I felt was appropriate. The nice retailer was finishing the process on the computer and to find out that the lady I had just hung up with made the claim as a insurance claim rather than what she said she had approved alittle earlier at the beginning of our convo. and she also told the retailer that it was approved as a manufacture claim, so I did hear correctly. Not just that, but I was already charged the 10 bucks! And there was no way to fix the claim due to the fact that the 1 800 number was closed. So I would have to come back to the store another day when I’m off. And the phone won’t even come until a week later after that…and I can’t replace my old phone on to my existing account because it would void the insurance coverage on the s4! The far worst day of my life!

  6. I have had my Samsung s4 melt down at the charging point…same problem described by many on the net. This is the 18th day that I do not have my phone as it has been sent by TRANSACT who I have the plan with to SAMSUNG. I have phoned them both several times and am always told to wait. This is the 18th day I have not had a phone. No replacement phone so am using the landline and this costs above my plan payment.

  7. I am Also the owner of a Samsung Galaxy s4 which while charging burned out. thankfully i was close to it when i heard the pop and ran to check what it was the phone was extremely hot to the touch so i unplugged it from the wall, after it cooled the charging head, charging port and battery connector areas were completely deformed. now take note the cable and charging cube are the ones that came with the phone, this happened in a window of 20 minutes. samsung now has the phone and are replacing it but its worrysome to have something that can do this , i am thankful i was there this time so as soon as i get the replacement it will be for sale.

  8. This just happened to me as well. Samsung seems to be taking care of it (replacing my phone) and giving me a loner in the process. Love the S4. Maybe they will be nice and give me an s5??? :)

  9. Last night my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 caught fire during charging just like the incidents reported. My charger chord and port look identical with scorching consistent with the hone catching fire. So far after leaving 2 messages with Samsung North America, nothing back……yet.

  10. A guy that I work with had his S4 BLOW UP in his hand at work today. Thank goodness he was not talking on it at the time! I’m not talking the phone caught fire, I mean it actually blew apart into several charred pieces and then caught fire. Why doesn’t Samsung recall these phones before someone is seriously hurt or killed?

  11. Mine melted last night, it was plugged into the white charger that came with the phone…. it was on the counter and I was watching TV 3 episodes of fast and loud on the TiVo so about an hour – went to get a drink and picked up the phone to check to see if it was charged… it was hot and had a message that the device was over heating… it no longer indicated charging but when I pulled the plug it was melted into the bottom of the phone. Now it won’t charge at all.

  12. Just happened to us! My son woke up to smoke and burning in his room. Unfortunately, Samsung will not send us a loaner. They said they will send me a box to mail it in, the engineers will look at it and decide what to do. We are at least 10 days without a phone. This phone should be recalled. I am very unhappy with Samsung regarding this phone.

  13. Samsung charging cords catch fire.
    company not taking this serious. Pictures sent with damages. Who else should we contact.?
    do not want this to happen to another person. Company just keep passing me from one person to the next. NO RESOLUTION.

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