iOS 8 beta 2 full list of changes and images of UI tweaks

Apple has just started seeding iOS 8 Beta 2 and new Apple TV beta just two weeks after Apple released iOS 8 to developers during WWDC. The full version won’t become available until “this fall” but small improvements to the Beta 2 (build number: 12A4297E) show that Apple is making progress on transforming iOS 8 into a more stable OS and ready for release.

Don’t forget to check out our list of changes between iOS 7 and iOS 8. Here is a full list of changes of Beta 2: (full changelog)

Important changes

  • Podcast now comes pre-installed (can’t be deleted) App has been updated to version 2.2
  • WhatsApp still crashes in Beta 2! 
  • Bug causing huge battery drain and overheating fixed
  • Touch ID can now be configured for individual apps touch id ios 8 beta 2
  • New feature called iCloud Photos
  • Apple has removed the HotSpot feature in Settingsno hotspot
  • Camera and microphone icon in iMessage now gray instead of Blue
  • New feature in Safari called “quick website search”quick website search
  • Small UI tweaks to iMessage 
  • iPhone cellular calls are now in Facetime Settingsfacetime cellular
  • Improvements made to iBooks, giving it a new fresh UI 
  • New Safari incognito mode 
  • iPhone now shows LTE LTE

Bug Fixes / Minor changes

  • broken link to developer website from app store fixed
  • Fixed several issues when using Siri and CarPlay
  • Bug fixed causing Facetime to not work properly in landscape
  • Fixed endless loading icon in iTunes
  • Fixed bug causing game center to crash when using menu
  • Fixed issue causing homebutton to not unlock screen when pushed
  • Fixed issue causing recent missed calls to now show properly
  • Fixed issue causing Settings app to crash when launched
  • You can now sync over wifi again
  • App Store location bug fixed
  • small improvements made to Safari making it more stable and smoother
  • iPad now has quicktype keyboard

OTA update not showing on your device? Turn off Wi-Fi, go back to software update and try to look for a new update, turn Wi-Fi back on and voila!

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  1. worst bug is still there, if you connect to carrier with a logo larger than 13characters your phone will become slow, with a half sec lag before launching any app.

    This bug exists since 7.1!!! they still have not bothered to fix it.

    if you are on 7.0.4 don’t update to 8.0 or 7.1

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